Hair Color

Color techniques are as varied as the spectrum of colors we can achieve. Most of our staff are trained in both color and cut, but we have a few that specialize. Still, our specialists understand the integral connection between cut and color. We do not have enough space here to describe all of the different color techniques we use, so let’s just say that they include but are not limited to foil highlights, single process, double process, paneling, slicing, weaving, and baliage.

Various methods are taught throughout our Training Program. We also have Advanced Classes on a regular basis to stay current.

Single Process
An all over color, usually applied just at the root area. It may also be a root to end application, but there is typically an additional charge because a great deal more color is used.

Some colors, usually blondes, require a toner to achieve the desired color, especially after lightening.

This is a broad term that covers the use of multiple colors or the selective coloring of hair. Foils, caps, and baliage (color painted directly on the hair) are among the techniques covered by this term. The most common is the foil highlight.

Colour Services

Global Colour
High - Light
     ♦  (with Cap)
High - Light
     ♦  Per Strik
Wella Rebonding
Wella Colour Bonding